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by Riʞky

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released August 20, 2017

Music, lyrics, mix etc. by Ricky Lindén.

The phrase "Where's my bird we can make it tomorrow" by Ryoma Yamashita.

Photography and artwork by Bildhuggaren.

"She Saw Life Getting Forced Into Her" is based on the novel "Jag såg livet tvingas i mig" by Lina Kalmteg.

Thank you Ting-Yun Huang.




Riʞky Helsinki, Finland

Musician of songs.

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Track Name: She Saw Life Getting Forced Into Her
The soft form
Into perfect body milk
So dreamy

She saw
She saw life
Getting forced into her

The hospital
Plants dirt
Consumes the nutrition fluids
While the bones stay

She saw
She saw
She saw life
Getting forced into her
She saw
She saw life
Getting forced into her
Track Name: Gone
I have been walking in sunshine
For four days
I have been counting the leaves
I have been smelling the ground when it's dug
I have been

Your face is gone in the shadows for too long

I have been lying down in a shrine
I have been assembling
I have been anticipating for the time
When it's me

I have been walking down the tracks
Walking there
Looking up, oh, there's a wall
And I can hold it
The bricks are falling
It's so marvelous

Your face is gone in the shadows for too long
Track Name: Abscess
Let me fall to peace in your arms
Let me cry until
I'm free of fluids
Finally shriveling down to a small abscess

Crawling over your body
I would absorb
Into your breasts
I would finally be happy as a part of you

And when you sleep
I would creep
Out to touch
Your hair while listening to your breath (yes, I would)

In the morning
I have returned
As a part of you
Growing freely as a part of a us

And if you really love me
Then you don't remove me
Instead you let me grow
Until we die together
Lying together in the same grave
I would cry out of happiness watching us dissolve into earth
Track Name: Formosa
Don't climb
The highest mountain

I know you want to be
Alone with your sewing machine

Come down

I want to thank you
For trading innocence
For growth with a broken toy
Track Name: It nain stjilna
Tu skådar genom färgon i kåppan
Streckär et
In litin pensäl
Kva du frågar
Vikken färg ja vill ha
Vikken färg ja vill ha

Ja sku ju bare konn
Ga op som ur en basäng
Å ga nier fö trappon tenn
Legg me nier fö en stånd
Ja je så färdi schenn
Leks nier en stånd
Bare så färdi schenn

Ja sku ju bare försyök slut en gang
Ja sku vill jier vill jier såde som tå såde som tå

Fö ansikte setär ja haanden stirrar in i alla färgår fortsätt ryörs häila tiidin men e har it nain stjilna
Så ja leks nier
Bare så fäärdi schenn
Å e har it
Nain stjilna
Track Name: Where's My Bird We Can Make It Tomorrow
Where's my bird
I can't seem to find it
Where's my bird
Have you seen it

Where's my bird
I can't seem to find it
Where's my bird
Help me please

Where's my bird
We can make it tomorrow